Monday, October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018

Gaping Grave's Gaiety

Ghostly grunting galls grandmother gracelessly:
"Go, grip gone good granddaddy's gaiety guarantee:
granny, go goosey, go, grandmother, glamorize,
granddaddy grooves, girl, grave's gaiety gratifies."
Grumpy grandmother growls: "Greasy ghoulishness!
Gravelessly, gormlessly, gracelessly garmentless!"
Grandmother gabbles, gyrates, gnashing giddily:
"Guts, ghastly ghosts, go! Get gone, guileful gimmickry!"
Ghosts grumble: "Grey goldilocks, gobbling gin!
Gallstone grace, graveyard gravy, good gummy grin!
Gouty granny, grip granddaddy's guarantee:
grasp graveyard's glutinous gaiety!"
Granny groans: "Gothic grave groupies, gruesome!
Greedy, greasy ghosts, grisly ghosts," getting gum:
"Get gone, gratuitous ghosts!" Granny gets garlic.
Ghosts giggle garrulously. Granny goes Gothic.

by Alex Dreppec
in volume 5 issue 2

Eating Electric Eels

East Eaton's eccentrics eventually
eat electric eels, eat ecstatically.
Electroshock's Eden, extreme event,
effectuating enlightenment,
effectuating exhilaration,
egregious, eager, exceeds exaltation.
Expectorating effects enhance
electric eel eater's exuberance.
Edentulous, eerie eccentrics embrace
electric eels, eagerly eat, enlace
extreme experiences eerily,
effrontery's eely epitome.
Enormous electroshocks elongate
each exhilaration, elucidate
eccentric's electric eel eatery,
empowering eaters erotically.
Entangled eccentric's estates erode.
Eel eating extremists even explode.

by Alex Dreppec
in volume 5 issue 1

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